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Finding a solution through Systemic Coaching

I will support you in the development of your individual solution to your questions, conflicts or pending decisions. An essential feature of "systemic coaching" is the focus on your specific goal for the future, your strengths and resources as well as the consideration of the "system" in which you find yourself and under whose conditions you act.

In my role as a systemic coach, I do not see myself as your adviser or even therapist, but rather as a source of inspiration and an expert for the coaching process in which you are an expert in solving your concerns.

Because there is no one solution or truth. But there is your individual solution that you can develop and implement yourself.

How does it work?

At the beginning of a coaching session, we first talk in detail about your goal and your "system". That means about the environment and the conditions under which you act. Sometimes it turns out that the goal or topic is completely different from what you initially thought. Then, with my support, you will develop solutions to achieve your goal.

The coaching usually takes place on my premises in Giessen.

I would be happy to come to your place or we can meet online via Zoom.

For whom is systemic coaching suitable?

My coaching offer is aimed at people who have a concern in a private as well as in a professional context. The development of solution approaches or even a solution for a clearly defined goal is usually possible within a coaching session of approximately 1.5 hours.


If the issues are more complex or if there is a desire for a change in behaviour, it makes sense to take a little more time for the analysis and definition of goals and to schedule at least a second or further coaching sessions.

Employers and executives ​

Systemic coaching offers a neutral platform for dealing with existing (team) conflicts as well as for self-reflection and personal development of managers and employees. ​


My experience in coaching executives has shown that, in addition to systemic coaching for the development of solutions, my clients often have a desire for feedback and an exchange of experiences. As a former commercial manager with 20+ years experience and authorised signatory of an international industrial company, I have many years of extensive management experience in both the commercial and industrial corporate context, so I am well aware of the diverse challenges in everyday management that you may face.

Nevertheless, the systemic solution approach is always in the forefront in my executive coaching sessions: Focusing on the goal set by the coachee (client), taking into account the system around the client and the development of an individual, pragmatic solution by the coachee.

Professionalism, empathy, discretion and sincere interest

characterize my working style. I look forward to meeting you.

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