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Thank you for visiting my website.

I am happy to support you in developing individual solutions for your questions, your conflicts or pending decisions.


“Talking about problems makes problems grow.

 Talking about solutions makes solutions grow."

(Steve de Shazer)

Our collaboration begins

with a non-binding and free-of-charge phone call

Our initial focus is on getting to know each other to ensure that we have the right rapport.

During this introductory call, I'll introduce myself, outline the coaching process, and discuss your specific concerns or objectives.This could involve addressing a particular issue, navigating internal or external conflicts, or making decisions within your personal or professional life.

Alternatively, you might simply seek time for self-reflection and personal growth.

Systemic coaching offers a valuable opportunity to expand your awareness of strengths and resources. Rest assured, all conversations will be treated with the utmost discretion and confidentiality.

Solution-oriented short-term coaching

Our coaching sessions typically last 1.5 hours. At the beginning, we discuss your concerns and focus on your goals. Often, we can develop good solutions or helpful approaches already in the first session. If needed and depending on complexity, further sessions can follow.

Coaching usually takes place in my premises in Gießen. However, I'm also happy to come to your place, or we can meet online via MS Teams.

Another step in your life

Through our engaging coaching process, you will discover more about yourself, and you can integrate your new insights into your life with a smile.


Call me, write me on WhatsApp, Threema, Telegram or Signal or send me an email.

 I look forward to seeing you!

Andrea Borner

Winchesterstraße 2

35394 Gießen


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