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"Kompetenzen-Bilanz" is a German Trademark of PerformPlus GmbH.

Who I am? What are my abilities?

What are my goals?

Do you already know your Competence Profile?

In career-coaching, I work according to the potential-oriented method developed by Dr. Claas Triebel. The method is called "Kompetenzenbilanz", which means "Competence Profile". Since developing the method in 2003 it has been applied thousands of times.

The "Competence Profile" is a scientifically evaluated procedure for determining competencies that individuals have acquired through their professional and non-professional activities, their personal development, qualifications, and learning experiences. This diverse potential arises both in private and business contexts.

The Competence Profile offers you a structured approach for your professional and personal decisions.

The product testing foundation "Stiftung Warentest" has awarded the "Kompetenzenbilanz" as the best method for career counseling.

It's a coaching process that consists of 4 stages - and thus 4 sessions - following

a specific sequence.


The method involves holding the sessions within 4-6 weeks. This makes the process manageable in terms of time, intensive, and with guaranteed results:

Your personal "Competence Profile," which I, as your accredited Competence Profiler, will compile.

Feel free to call me: +4916098943404 or send an email:


The Competence Profile is aimed at individuals of all ages:

from the beginning of their professional lives to the end of their careers

and beyond: change, assessment, re-entry, realignment, personnel development.

The process can take place both individually and in a group setting.

According to your individual needs, I tailor the procedure in the group.

The effectiveness of the Competence Profile has been scientifically evaluated:

  1. Proactivity

Coachees who undergo the Competence Profile are significantly more proactive and solution-oriented six months after the assessment compared to before and also compared to a control group.

2. Stress

Six months after the Competence Profile, coachees are better able to cope with stress. They can disconnect more effectively and seek support to manage stressful situations better.

3. Self-efficacy

Coachees of the Competence Profile can explore fields of activity in which they are effective. As a result, they feel much more in control of their own destiny than before. This can be clearly demonstrated six months after the Competence Profile.

4. Implementation of Next Steps/Goals

Participants of the Competence Profile follow through on what they have set out to do.

Six months after the Competence Profile, 80% of the goals and next steps have been implemented.


Fair pricing is important to me:


Students, professionals, businesses

Feel free to call or What's app me: +4916098943404

or send an email:

"Die Kompetenzenbilanz" is a registered German trademark of PerformPlus GmbH.

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